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Your thoughts are like magnets

Imagine your thoughts are like powerful magnets.

And everything you think about is slowly being attracted to you with this magnetic energy.

The bigger or heavier the thing, the slower it comes but it is coming.

Are your thoughts primarily focussed on things you do want? Or things you don’t want?

Either way, they’re coming.

At any time you can make a decision to change a thought & get rid of a magnet.

You can let one go, and pick up another.

Everything you are experiencing in your physical reality first started as a thought.

Your home, your car, your tv, computer, phone, your relationships and even YOU at one point were just a thought in someone’s mind.

A decision to be acted upon.
A vision or idea that came to life.

Your business once did not exist.
It started as a thought.
Now look at it!

Be aware of your thoughts often, because you will bring into your reality that which you think about most often whether you desire it or not.

If you want to attract, experience and create a reality that you love…

Be sure to choose to think of what you do want each and every day.

Write it down to solidify it and make it real, and remind yourself of it frequently.

You are the creator, the source, of everything in your life!

Make sure you are creating the life you want to live. 💫

Love, Carissa xo.