Your page is your stage!

The connection you have with your followers on social media depends on only one thing… Your ability to connect with people in general. 💕

After all, why should people give you any of their attention if you are not giving them anything that interests them?

I have a saying… “Your Page Is Your Stage”

Every time you post on social media to your followers, you should be putting as much thought and effort into it as though you were going to stand up on a stage in front of however many people are currently following you.

No really! Think about it like that for a moment!

Do you have 500 likes on your FB page?

If you were to hop up on a stage in front of all of those people, what would you share with them?

You probably wouldn’t just show a photo and a bunch of hashtags and an emoji and walk off, right?

Way to make a very “meh” impression…

Your “likes” are human beings, just like you.

Give them interesting and useful content that you have put some effort and thought into and that will benefit them in some way or another.

What do you think of this?

How many likes or followers do you currently have?

What would you share with them if you were actually up on a stage in front of them?