You know what really grinds my gears?Seeing coaches or mentors writing posts about how you’ll never be successful if you’re “not like them”Like, there are SO MANY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!Some highly successful people are crazy unorganised, messy with no strategy and just fling ideas at the world fearlessly at rapid fire speed finding out which ones work & which don’t…Some highly successful people follow carefully planned and organised strategies that are predictable and consistent and neat and perfect…Some highly successful people are full of love and kindness and empathy and acceptance and want to give everyone a hug & keep everyone happy…And some highly successful people are egotistical non-feeling, money & fame obsessed & don’t care who they piss off…Some people make videos, others make podcasts.Some people primarily use Facebook, others use Instagram.Some people wear designer brands, others wear what they are comfortable in.Some people have beautiful tidy office spaces, others thrive in mess.My point is, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself for not being the same as anybody else.You will only be truly happy when you OWN YOURSELF and by doing that it doesn’t mean you will or won’t be successful.Sure there’s always things you can develop and improve within yourself.But you do not need to change the fundamentals of WHO YOU ARE.As long as you believe you can achieve what you want to, you will. And you can do it your own way too. ✌🏼

If you feel like you need to conform for some reason reach out to me and let me know why, so I can reply with answers of why you don’t 😉
Love, Carissa xo.