You can’t expect to get what you’re not prepared to give

So here’s the thing about your life and your business…

You are only going to get out of it what you are prepared to put into it – in all areas.

This includes actions, obviously, but also the thoughts and the energy you give to all areas of your life.

Let’s look at romantic relationships firstly… if you want a deep, loving, emotional connection with your partner, and a lot of affection…

Have a look at yourself first – are you being loving and affectionate? Are you deeply communicating & expressing honestly how you feel? Are you thinking loving thoughts about your partner? Are you expressing your love and appreciation for them regularly? Are you prioritising the relationship?

OR – are you expecting THEM to give all of this to you without you being prepared to give it??

Next, lets look at your business.

Many business owners I come across spend a lot of TIME doing the work in their business, working working working, yet not getting out what they deserve…

Yes, DOING THE WORK is what grows the business, but then, it also isn’t…

Because there are several different types of “work”

The most important kind is making the time to work on YOURSELF. Your thoughts, your plans, your vision, your goals, your mindset, your self development, self awareness, your mental health & your education!

If you are not first of all working on growing and improving your SELF – how on earth can your business grow any bigger than that??

If you want your business to give you back kindness and love, you need to be putting kindness and love into it (with the team, with the clients, with the marketing, with yourself)

If you want your business to give you back time and money – YOU NEED TO BE PUTTING TIME AND MONEY INTO IT.

(and not in the way of working 14hrs a day and spending everything on business expenses)

You need to sit down, each day, and spend time thinking, planning, setting your intentions, reviewing your goals and progress, asking yourself what you want from the day ahead…

If you want a better & more loving relationship with your family, have a look at what kind of energy you are putting into it currently.

My business and relationships started to grow and improve rapidly in all areas when I decided to start prioritising putting into them what I wanted to get out.

You can’t expect to get what you’re not prepared to give.

Try it, let me know how it feels…

Love, Carissa xo