Who is the leader or mentor you needed a few years ago?

Have you ever considered BECOMING THAT PERSON for the other people who need that person too?

Who is the person you wished would show up, be real, be raw, and make you feel like you’re not alone, while also inspiring the fuck out of you with what’s possible?

Why shouldn’t you be that person NOW for the past version of you? And for the people who are now where you once were?

What do you wish they would have said?
Would have done?
Would have shared?
Would have helped you with, and would have called you out on?

Is it time you started creating content that is exactly what you needed then or even that you need now?

If you know you’re a born leader; you need to embrace it, own it, admit it, and appoint yourself the role.

Perhaps the reason you’ve never felt like you’ve ever really ‘fit in’ is because you’re not supposed to.

YOU were born to lead.

You’ll never be able to join a tribe and be happy within it.

You are supposed to be the chief.

(If those words feel true, then they are). There are people out there who NEED YOU TO STAND FOR THEM.

There are people who need loving guidance, reminders that they’re not alone, and someone to remind them of what’s important, and what they’re capable of…

You can BE the person who you wish existed when you needed someone to guide you.