It’s easy to see how much marketing has changed over the last decade with social media becoming as popular and powerful as it is…

Influencer marketing is a huge deal now…

Many people are WAY less trusting of new brands and businesses that seem to pop up out of nowhere…

And it has become more difficult and expensive and time consuming to try to stand out, build an audience and gain clients due to so much market saturation in basically every industry.

So, how do you make sure to STAND OUT and build a following and a business and brand loyalty in 2020 and beyond?

The simple answer lies in building a personal brand to accompany and compliment your business brand.


Because people don’t connect with businesses and brands on an emotional level, but they DO connect with people on an emotional level.

Have you ever thought to yourself or said out loud “my clients only want me?” or “my clients come to my business because of me.”

Yah girl, that’s right.

Or have you ever had a staff member leave your business and some (or many) of your clients left with them?

That’s because they had a stronger emotional connection with that PERSON than with your business.

And they’ll be even more loyal and connected if they know what YOU are up to on social media as a person, not as a business just showing off the results of your work all the time.

This doesn’t mean that you need to start sharing every single moment of your personal life.

I mean, if I was to upload a photo right now, it would be me sitting in my undies, with bits of baby puke on my top, oily hair because I haven’t showered yet, sipping on black coffee, with a laptop on my lap furiously writing this blog post before my 7 month old wakes from his ridiculously short morning nap that never lets me get enough done!

But, maybe I will because it’s relatable if you have a baby and a business, right?

Ok, I’m going to. I took a selfie. There, it’s now the photo for this post.

Because the relatable personal stuff IS the stuff that matters and what helps to form a deeper connection with your people, whether they are existing clients, or yet to become clients…

And not everyone is going to like it, and some people are probably going to think you’re weird, or crazy, or inappropriate or embarrassing or whatever…

But they are just not your people.

Not your ideal clients.

Not your BFF audience.

Just like you don’t make friends with or have things in common with everyone you meet in person, not everyone who meets you online will become a friend of you or your business either.

But the right people will connect with you and want to choose YOU and YOUR BUSINESS because of it.

Because they relate to you, because they like you, and because they feel like they really know you on a personal level.

So, what say you?

Are you ready to start a personal brand alongside your business brand in the new decade?

Are you ready to let people IN and therefore take your business to a whole new level?

If you’d like to know how to get started and how to do it the right way, make sure you’re in my Facebook group, “Coffee With Carissa” as I’ll be hosting a ‘start your personal brand’ challenge in there soon. xo