Why we lose motivation and what to do about it.

Do you ever feel like you just totally lose all motivation to do anything?

It’s a pretty damn depressive state to be in and it really does suck the life out of you.

In this video I want to just explain to you why we lose motivation and what to do about it, how to stay motivated more often, and how to deal with those days where you just can’t even deal.


Now straight off the bat, one of the reasons why people lose motivation is because they realise something is going to be harder than they originally thought it would be, or, because they don’t feel appreciated, recognised and valued for what they are currently doing.

This can apply to you as a business owner or entrepreneur, or in your personal life, and it also applies to your employees and team members.

One of the main reasons why employees lose motivation isn’t because they are bored or don’t respect you, it’s because they don’t feel valued, recognised or appreciated.

And just as a little off topic side point, if they don’t respect you, it’s because you haven’t given them a reason to, but that’s a whole other video topic right there.

And I’m sure you can actually empathise with this as a business owner as well, assuming you were once an employee yourself at some point.

Money is great right? It’s exciting, it can buy you things, but it doesn’t deeply fulfil you, or care about you, so using cash bonuses as a technique to motivate an unmotivated team member generally doesn’t do the trick, or at least not for long.

And using making money to motivate you to get through life, won’t keep you motivated for long either.

Humans are emotional creatures and we all want to feel unique, cared about, understood, special and appreciated.

And often, feeling unmotivated or depressed comes from not being fulfilled in emotional ways, rather than financial ways.


Now, if you have started a new project, or are studying a course, or are simply plodding along doing the day to day ‘things’ in your life or business and you feel like you have lost your motivation because it all seems so much harder than you originally thought it would be… It’s because you’re focussing on the wrong things.

You’ve lost the focus on why you started.

You’re no longer focussed on the end goal or vision, you’re focussing on all the little things that you HAVE TO DO or NEED TO DO and you are totally forgetting about the reason why you even started.

In order to re-motivate yourself to achieve a task or goal or outcome, you need to stay focussed on the outcome.

A clear plan will help you with this as well. If you can start with the end in mind and make a plan on how to make it happen, and you actively track your progress by either a spreadsheet, scorecard, journal or even a video blog, you’ll be able to SEE your progress and know that you are in fact moving forwards.

Lack of motivation can also come from doing something that you are just not 100% committed to or because you are doing something for the wrong reasons.

Maybe you’re doing something you think you need to do to impress other people but you’re not actually doing it for yourself.

Maybe you’re doing something just for money with no underlying purpose or meaning.

Maybe you’re not clear on what you really want from your life and you’re just doing what you THINK you should be doing rather than what YOU actually want.

I know I’ve been in ALL of these situations before, and I still find myself in them, and it’s only because I constantly question myself and educate myself that I feel that I know how to get myself out of them when they occur.


Another reason for losing motivation is your physical and mental health. Seriously, you might think you’re unmotivated but it might be something else all together.

Look at your diet. Look at your sleep patterns. Look at your physical activity levels.

Look at the amount of things you are taking on that you maybe shouldn’t be trying to do all of at once.

You might just be totally burnt out, stressed, exhausted or unhealthy, and the only way to fix those issues is by acknowledging they are there, taking responsibility for your own choices and actions and actively doing something to make a change.

And feeling sorry for yourself and complaining doesn’t get you anywhere either, even though sometimes it feels good to put the responsibility on something or someone else, it really wont give you any significant or fulfilling outcomes, and deep down, you totally know this is true.


So what can you do to STOP being un-motivated?

1. Change your focus. Stop. Clear your head. And think about what you are working towards and why you even started what you’re doing. Ask yourself if it’s still what you want?

2. Set a clear goal and find a way that feels fun and right for you to track your progress. Maybe it’s making lists. Maybe it’s keeping a journal. Maybe it’s making a daily private video blog just to talk things out with yourself. I do this and it’s very therapeutic.

3. If you’re like me and you have a high need for variety in your life in order to stay motivated, then do something different for a while, go somewhere new, book a random night away, get out of your normal environment and get some fresh perspective and fresh ideas which in turn always manages to re-motivate me.

4. It’s really important that you have a great support group. Whether this be a coach, a networking group, a mastermind, or even starting a group of your own. People are meant to be around people and talking things through with others, and sharing thoughts and ideas, will really help you to stay feeling connected and hopefully appreciated if you have great people around you who lift you up.


I really hope this blog / video helped you in some way and if it did I would really love for you to give it a little thumbs up and comment and let me know.

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Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next week.