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Why clients complain

When a client complains, these are normally the reasons why…

  1. Their expectations were not met. They did not get the results they were hoping for.
  2. They are having a not very nice time in other areas of their life, and so they are allowing that unhappiness to leak out in many different ways, including their experience with you.
  3. You made a mistake / did something wrong / didn’t treat them very well / didn’t make them feel good. Maybe you were also having a bad time / bad day?
  4. They just weren’t the right type of person for you and you weren’t the right type of person for them. Not a good energetic match. You just didn’t feel right about each other.
  5. They didn’t feel cared about or important, they felt taken for granted or used. Their emotional experience with you was not very good. Maybe you didn’t ask about them at all and just talked about yourself, or maybe you didn’t talk to them at all.
  6. They didn’t actually value their purchase, take care of it, follow instructions or take responsibility, and so chose to blame you for this instead of owning it because deep down they knew they were in the wrong but didn’t want to admit it. Angry at themselves.

I have definitely been on BOTH ENDS of all of these situations myself in my years as a business owner and as a client.

And the most important thing you can do about each of them is learn from them.

When you get a complaint, you can certainly apologise to the client and have a conversation with them (if they are open minded enough to allow this to happen)…

And you can ask yourself “how can I prevent this from happening again in the future” and you can continue to improve the way you do things and treat people lovingly.

I am a firm believer that there is ALWAYS room for improvement in all areas of a business (and your mindset) and you should always be focussing on improving some area of your self or business.

A business that is perfect or without issues is a dead business, a closed business.

If you’re not prepared to go into business accepting and expecting that there will always be something to work on, fix or improve, then just don’t do it.

Go and get a job instead.

And also remember, that WHEN SOMEONE COMPLAINS, they want to feel heard, cared about, listened to, and important.

So if you can put your own ego aside and help them to feel the way they want to feel, you will be able to turn more complaints and unhappy customers into loyal lifelong raving fans.

(If you have a team, or anyone else who is communicating with your clients or handling complaints, it is super important that they know and understand all of this too).

Love, Carissa xo.