Who is your ideal client and are you attracting them?

As a business owner, it’s really important to remember that not everyone is your ideal client.

You’ll probably know this from your experience.

You’ve got some clients that you love, and are amazing, and they show up and they buy everything.

There are some clients that come back every now and then but they’re not dedicated to you.

And then there are some that come, maybe once, and then never come back again.

And so in your marketing, when you’re really trying to grow your business, the more clear and aware you are of who your ideal clients actually are, the easier it’s going to be to attract them.

So STOP trying to please everyone and make all of your advertising and marketing as if you are just doing it for that ideal person,

that you’re just talking to them,

that you’re just thinking about them every time you do or post or write or advertise, anything!

For myself personally, I use my self as my ideal client because I love to work with people who are like myself.

Most human beings like people who are like themselves, it’s just how we are.

So as a curious human being, if you want to know more about how to attract your ideal client, watch the video!