When you give yourself permission to follow FLOW

Sometimes I find myself working on things or spending time with people but it just feels “off”… do you know what I mean?

Like something is missing, like it’s forced, like there’s no real *spark* there.

I used to feel this a lot when I was younger, when I partied a lot, like I was doing what I should be doing, but really, all I wanted to be doing was working on my business or reading a book because those things made me feel more alive!?

Sometimes even now I’ll start working on something because it’s a “great idea” 💡but then something might feel off and I’ll feel like I’m forcing myself to do it.

it’s important to listen to the way you FEEL about things, just as much as what you think about them.

Because when things feel good, they flow easily, as they should… and life will feel light, easy, fun, beautiful & it is in this space that you will attract everything you desire into your life. 🙏🏼
Where are you spending your energy that is making you feel GOOD and moving you forward / keeping you growing…

And where are you spending your energy that makes you feel drained / is holding you back??? 💜

When you give yourself permission to follow FLOW only, and start saying “no” to things that don’t make you feel alive & fulfilled – life & business gets magical💫

I’d love to hear back from you! Please reply to this email and let me know where you’re spending your energy?

Love, Carissa xo