You went into business because you were chasing a feeling…

A feeling of freedom, of excitement, of expression, of being in control, of sharing your passions with others, and of course… because you had a VISION and you wanted to bring it to life.

In that moment when you committed to doing whatever it took to get started, to set up, to start putting yourself out there, to say “LOOK AT ME” to the world, you were going all-the-way-IN.

So at what point did that feeling run out, hmm? What’s different now to then?

Is it that the vision was reached and now you’re not sure what’s next for you?

Is it that you realised the reality wasn’t actually what you imagined it to be?

Are you surrounded by the wrong people? Team members & clients who drain you vs energise you?

Is it that you’ve been trying to get to the same place for years and you just can’t QUITE seem to reach it, so it began to seem unattainable and you slowly, slowly, without even really realising it started to lose hope that it would actually ever happen?

And so then your lack of excitement for the future started manifesting into a lack of excitement for the present and your entire reality seems trapped in a slow paced, boring, repetitive, day by day routine that you feel you NEED to continue in order to survive…

But bit by bit, day by day, your soul is slowly being tortured and it quietly tries to tell you… “Stop. I’m in pain. Something needs to change”

But you don’t know what that something is yet so you can’t do anything about it?
You don’t need to find it.
It already exists within you.

It’s just waiting for you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN DAMN WAY.

Stay focused on the vision for your business and your life that you want to achieve!

Stay hungry for the reality you keep telling yourself is “too much” or “too unrealistic”
Stay open to new ideas & different ways of doing things and STOP doing things that are just not working for you!!

You NEED to get that feeling back. The one you had at the start.
It’s what’s going to get you to the next level.

It’s not a strategy you need. It’s a FEELING.
It’s not a goal you’re chasing. It’s a FEELING.
It’s time to GET IT BACK!

Love, Carissa xo.