How often do you think about what kind of content you should post on your social media accounts?

I’ve spoken with so many people and for some reason so many people think it’s really hard work!

There’s this notion going around that you have to sit down and strategically plan all your social media content.

While some people work well this way and that’s great, I fucking hate it!

The way that I love doing social media content is by living my life and as things come up that get me excited or get my juices flowing, I then let the content create itself from what I’m experiencing in that moment.

The kind of content you should be sharing on your social media accounts with your fans, with your followers, with your clients, is the kind of stuff that gets you excited!

Social media is about entertainment and education. It’s about making people laugh, think and feel.

No ones going to buy from you if all you’re doing is selling and not providing any value.

Try and think of your content marketing as sharing your thoughts, sharing your passions and sharing information <3.

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