What to do when shit hits the fan!

So here I am sitting in a motel room in Austin TX, with chronic diarrhea that’s lasted 4-5 days, at an event I flew 24hrs all the way over here for (business class)…

Eating 2min noodles (made with water from a coffee machine because US hotels don’t have kettles – or microwaves)

Using coffee stirrers for chopsticks (because it didn’t come with a fork) and because the hotel doesn’t do room service, and I really can’t stomach much else…

Thinking… really, universe?


I traumatically left my husband and toddler at home so I could come to this (I never go anywhere without them)!

And now I haven’t even been able to attend the majority of it so far because I’ve been stuck on a fucking toilet.

My intestines are gurgling non stop.

I’ve been taking herbal natural medicines & foods, lots of water the first 4 days with zero improvement (actually it got worse) so went to see a doctor yesterday and got antibiotics

(which I now also feel guilty about due to everybody at this event being so into natural health & giving me natural cure suggestions)

But anyway, I made my choice, I’m sitting here, eating my noodles, 11pm (I’ve been sleeping since 2pm) writing this post, thinking 🤔


Those with young kids will know that uninterrupted time is RARE and so if I have 3 days left here even if I’m sick and all I can do is use my phone (because I forgot my international adapter for my laptop yay) or a pen & paper…

I am going to plan the shit out of what I’m going to do with my life & business when I get home based on the small parts of the event I have been able to attend before I had to exit the room & spend the rest of the day on the loo.

I’ve had my sulk.
It is what it is.
I’m doing what I can do.
I’m going to make the most of it anyway.

And that is my lesson for you from this post too.

If and when shit comes up in your life (literally this time for me)…

You always get to decide what you make of it.

You can mope around and complain and play the victim (poor me)

Or you can work with what you’ve got and make the most of it anyway.

I’ll go back to eating my noodles now & getting stuck into making a plan of action for when I get home.

What will YOU do?

Love, Carissa xo.