*adds helicopter to vision board for 2019* 🚁 what OUTRAGEOUS goals are you manifesting next year??

#dreambigorgohome (I also have international travel by private jet on there).

Business class still involves too many people. 🙈

Remember, before you judge, that there are no limits to what you can be do or have in your life… other than the limits you create for yourself.

Everything that exists in this lifetime, is there to be experienced.

You either decide that you get to be someone who experiences it or not.

I used to be SO JUDGEY about people who stayed at super expensive hotels, flew business class on planes, and drove flashy cars and wore designer brands etc etc

And while I’m still not big on buying flashy cars and designer fashion (I prefer to buy crystals 🔮)

I used to be the person who thought “if I ever have enough money to do that I will give it to charity instead” and I used to get personal significance from the fact that I was not “materialistic”…

But I also one day realised that I WAS AFRAID to even go into stores that sold designer brands because I didn’t feel I was “worthy” of going in there…

I used to think I would be seen as a fraud, not good enough, undeserving to represent that particular brand!!!

WTF is that about!?

Maybe you can relate…

Until I had a moment, one of those super zoomed out moments… (I do this exercise often)…

Where I pretend to zoom right out of the earth, and see myself as if I were looking down from the moon 🌒

And I realised how tiny and insignificant everything and everyone really is, and that all these “things” which I had decided (or had been taught) were a waste of money, only for people with “too much money”, only for a certain type of person (not me)…

We’re actually just there to be experienced by anyone who decided they wanted to experience them!

And, being someone who wants to experience as much as I possibly can during my lifetime, in that moment, I decided I would like to experience them too, and THEN decide what I thought of myself and other people who experienced them too…

AND my new belief / promise then became… “when I have enough money to experience X, I will probably also have enough to donate the same amount to a charity or cause I want to contribute too… because there is no reason why I can’t do both!”

I realised how limiting my thinking had been… and I was on the journey to my brand new money mindset…

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