A personal brand is when you turn yourself & your life into a brand. You build a following of people who like you, relate to you, and want to know more about you or your life!

You are essentially turning YOU into a business.

And as long as you build an audience who benefits from what you want to share, and feels like they relate to you in some way or that you can help them with something, you can then sell or promote things that they will want to buy from you.

Because they like YOU. They buy from YOU because you are you, and because they like you and they connect with you on a personal level.

There’s a reason Reality TV is so popular and it’s because people are genuinely interested in and curious about other people and their lives.We love to gossip, we love compare people to ourselves, and we love to be entertained by what other people do; including how they look & act, what they eat etc

The thing is, many people, whether they are already a business owner or not, are scared to put themselves out there.

And I was TOTALLY THE SAME when I started my personal brand.

I was so used to hiding behind the logo and business name of my small business, and before that, hiding behind someone else’s logo as an employee…

But, overcoming the fears and building a brand based around who I am and what I love has been the best thing I think I’ve ever done….

Both financially as a business move, as a self discovery and self confidence journey, I get to help lots of people, and because I get to have amazing conversations and connections with people who I love and who love me whenever I feel like I want a chat.

I believe EVERYONE should have a personal brand, even if they already have a business brand, or even if they are still working for somebody else, or EVEN if they are not working at all but have a passion they wish to share with the world.

You can benefit from it emotionally and financially.

It opens up so many opportunities to not only make a lot of money, but to also connect with people who are YOUR type of people… people you have things in common with, and people who share your beliefs, values and even your frustrations and challenges.

One of the main things all humans are really seeking throughout their lives is deep connection with people who really understand and value them as an individual…

We want to be surrounded by people we have things in common with…

And building a personal brand allows you to achieve that, while also supporting yourself financially (if you choose to sell things and monetise your brand) and helping others to get what they want by doing so!If you’re ready to start a personal brand, or start growing and improving your existing personal brand…Come and join my Facebook Group, and let’s get to know one another!


Love Carissa xo