What if you weren’t actually made to be able to switch off? What if you stopped stressing completely about “how to switch off” and actually embraced it and instead, let all the thoughts OUT.

What if you started paying attention to that idea or curiosity that wouldn’t leave you alone at night and stopped you from falling asleep…

(Instead of ignore it or wishing it would go away).

What if the thing you were most afraid of doing is actually what you are supposed to do so you will follow your life’s purpose, and that the reason you can’t stop thinking about it is because… you’re not supposed to.

What if you were born with a visionary, entrepreneurial mind that has a purpose that is to grow, improve or evolve the world or it’s people in some way… and that by wishing it would give you a break is wishing away a gift that the majority of human beings do not possess.

What if you were always meant to be a leader, not a follower, and that your visions exist to guide or serve others?

What if the way to finally relax was to accept and embrace that yes, you will be kept awake some nights with the best ideas you’ve ever had but not enough energy to get up and write them down…

What if the way to accept your gifts and life purpose was to keep a journal of your thoughts and be grateful for how ridiculously clever you are.

What if you stopped worrying about what you “can’t do” or “should do” and started focusing instead on what you can do that others can’t, and what you love to do that others don’t?

If you are a born visionary entrepreneur, you’re incapable of turning it off, and you will be far better off embracing the fact that you don’t have to.