What do you do when you can’t decide what to do?

When your mind is going around in circles and you have ALL the ideas at once and you can’t even finish thinking one of them out in full before the next one is there?

When you can’t sleep because there’s so much on your mind that you legit feel like you have schizophrenia?

Like calm yourself brain, it’s gonna be ok, why can’t you settle down and focus on one thing?


Ahhh the opportunities are so endless so often, so, which path do you choose?

In these moments, it’s important to come back to your souls desires…

To ask yourself what kind of life you want to live?

To check in with what your future looks like…

And then ask yourself, which path is the one that will take me further towards what I really want?

Which option is the one that sparks something inside me (even if it’s not the one that is going to make the most money)?

Which one(s) makes me feel heavy and which one(s) make me feel light?

And then… follow the feelings…

Write them all down.

If you don’t know what you DO want, start by identifying what you do NOT want…

(Normally the answer you are looking for is the opposite of the “I don’t want this” list).


Do something today to take you one step further towards your current vision.

And be accepting of and ok with the fact that the vision and what you want is allowed to change at any time.

You don’t have to have it all figured out right now (or ever)!

But as long as you are moving in a feel good fulfilling direction, you’re doing great. ✌🏼

Do you need a hand in figuring out what you want to do? Email me your do NOT want list and we can go over it .

Love, Carissa xo.