If you know much about Tony Robbins, you’ll know about his UPW 4 day seminar… “Unleash the Power Within”.

I actually can’t describe it to anyone who wasn’t there. All I can say is if you have a chance to go, just GO. It will change your life. If you can’t go – start by downloading some of Tony’s audio books on itunes and listen at home or while driving.

On the first day / night of UPW – 5000 people walked across hot coals. Red. Hot. Coals.


8 steady bare foot steps across 648 degree Celsius burning hot coals. Holy crap. Talk about power of the mind.


The reason for this insane practice is to train your mind to be in PEAK STATE so that you know that you CAN ABSOLUTELY CONQUER any fear or any challenge life presents to you.

I’m going to frame a picture of fire and stick it in my office to remind myself the next time I feel bogged down and like I have no control, to just remember that…


I was in a bit of a ‘funk’ prior to the seminar, in one of those moving forward but slowly phases, feeling a bit trapped, stuck and confused.

One of those times when lots of little things keep going ‘wrong’ one on top of the other. I’m sure any business owner can relate. We all have them. But I’ve now learned exactly how to deal with these ‘plateaus’ and how to push through them and STEP UP to the next level and keep growing.

I look forward to implementing some of these new amazing techniques into my own coaching practice to help my amazing clients to think a little bit differently about the challenges they are currently facing.

I’m feeling pumped up this week! Smashing things off my list! Kicking goals! And I just wanted to share this thought with you all. I hope it motivates you. STEP UP!