Want to hang out in true VIP style with me for a day and work on growing your business?

I'm talking private cabana, drinks and food by the pool, day spa, fancy dinner, a personal branding photoshoot (optional) and a night's accomodation at a luxe 5 star resort - all while working on your business growth and marketing at the same time!?


The BEST IDEAS always come when you relax, and YOU ARE ALIVE TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE - so instead of offering *regular* private consulting days, I'm offering VIP Consulting Days.

Business Growth with ALLLLLLLL The Trimmings... 

This is not "business coaching".
This is making a committment to living the life your business can and should be allowing you to experience.

You are making a promise to yourself that your dream life and business is possible by saying YES to one of these full day & night "consulting in style" sessions with me.

I'm going to share with you exactly what you need during this VIP consulting day to take your business to the level where you can run it from anywhere you like, just bringing in clients and making sales from your phone...


I only offer a limited number of these sessions per month, currently only available on the Gold Coast Australia.

During these sessions we will work on your marketing and growth strategy, your systemisation and delegation strategy and also your mindset and leadership strategy, so that you can more confidently BECOME the person your business needs to take it to the next level.

Everything is included, accomodation, food, drinks, pampering & consulting time.
You just need to organise flights if you're travelling.

If you'd like to join the wait list, fill in your details below and I will send you the available dates & options.

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