2018 is my year of transparency and vulnerability.

Like I do every year, I set a theme for the year for myself and/or my business!

This theme is something that I really want to work on and explore.

In 2017 I set the theme of spirituality.

I’ve always been someone who was interested in things like meditation, discovering my higher self, tarot cards, psychic readings and all that kind of stuff.

My intention was to document the journey and share my experiences but once I started I realised this was more of a personal journey and one I needed to take for myself, by myself.

In saying that, I explored spiritual areas such as crystals, chakras, clairvoyance, tarot cards and discovered I had a love for numerology (even though I hate numbers in every other area of life lol).

Fast forward to 2018 and this year I am all about transparency and vulnerability. Really opening up and allowing all of me to be seen.

What I’ve come to realise is that the more vulnerable you are in your business, the more you empower and inspire other people to open up and talk about these things as well, and the more healing it is for you and everyone involved!

Business is a roller coaster, there are always ups and downs. By being open and vulnerable in my business and personal life I’m really hoping to make it OK for other people to talk about things openly and really start impacting their lives and the lives of others is a positive way.

For the full replay, catch the video below: