This is quite possibly the scariest video I have ever made.

This is quite possibly the scariest video I have ever made.

It can be so difficult to talk about things that you are so self conscious about, BUT, I made a promise to myself to be super vulnerable this year, and so here it goes.

The truth about my hair is… that I’m losing it.

I have a genetic hair loss condition, called: “Androgenetic Alopecia”.

Since I was 19, my hair has been falling out more than what is normal, and each strand gets thinner every time it grows back.

It’s genetic. Nothing can be done to “cure” it.

I have tried EVERYTHING possible for about 10 years to improve it; treatments, pills, shampoos, supplements, natural remedies, visualisation & affirmations, and I have finally decided to just embrace it.

I don’t want to take medication my whole life, or use chemical shampoos just to try & cling to what’s left (because nothing works to grow it back) and I don’t want to get a hair transplant.

I’ve decided I’m going to chop it all off this year and do shave for a cure.

I’ve been wanting to do it for about 3 years, but chickened out every time.

I’m already at the stage of wearing wigs and hairpieces, and I will just continue to do so if I don’t like what I look like with short hair (or no hair)!

I have been very upset and self conscious about my hair for a very long time…

Many tears have been shed, and this is a really really big deal for me to share this so publicly with family, friends, clients & followers.

Losing your hair is one of those things that you don’t realise is such a big deal until it happens to you.

However, because I try to see the good or the lesson or opportunity in every situation in life, I know that by sharing this publicly, I may inspire others to also be more vulnerable in their own lives, to talk openly about their own insecurities, and I can do something to benefit others & raise money for blood cancer, by shaving my hair off.

Something good really can come from everything, if you’re open to looking for it.

As I believe the lesson in this life experience for me is to love and accept myself for who I am INSIDE, (rather than what I look like on the outside), I have decided to create a brand new 3 day program, which will launch on Monday 2nd April 2018, called “Love & Acceptance”

Over these 3 days, I’m going to help you love and accept yourself, just the way you are.

We’ll cover loving yourself for who you are, how you look & how you feel, as well as how to let go of the need for approval, and how to stop feeling shame or guilt for just being YOU.

It’s open to anyone and everyone, and in order to participate, you just need to make a donation, of any amount, to my “worlds greatest shave” account.

I will, of course, be live-streaming the actual “shaving my head” event, on Monday 19th March 2018

So, are you keen to start loving and accepting yourself, just the way you are?

And also to help support me to do the scariest thing of my life?

Click here to donate now:…

And then please comment on this video and let me that you have and if you’d like to join the “Love & Acceptance” 3 day program xo