This is how you can overcome your doubts…

Want to know how to overcome your doubts of taking your business to the next step?

There was a post in the Coffee With Carissa Facebook Group just the other day by Leanne and she said, ‘Hi everyone, I need some words of wisdom! I have been looking for a salon premises for a while now and I think I may have found the perfect place but now I am having doubts about doing it! Salon owners, how did you make the jump from working on your own to owning a salon?’

I really felt this was a powerful question and wasn’t just related to people wanting to go from a home business to a location based location but relevant to anyone who was wanting to take the next step in their business.

When we want to go to the next level there is almost always fear that can consume you and often stop you from taking that next step – which means you’re slowing down your success.

For me personally, I’ve been there before – many times.

I get terrified.

That’s why I always have a back up plan and I always get comfortable with the worst possible outcome…

What is the next step in business you are wanting to take?

How are you feeling about taking it after you’ve seen the video?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo