I am a natural born entrepreneur and joke that I has been starting side hustles since I was in the womb. I can't help but naturally turn every idea into a business or a way to make money.

I live on top of Tamborine Mountain (and even own my own rainforest) in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia with my husband Travis, my son Jayden, my toy Pomeranian, Pebbles and my black cat, Pepper.

My current mission is to increase the percentage of female millionaires, after discovering that only 2% of female owned businesses ever make it to 7 figures.




I'm the numbers guy

I look after the budget, the KPIs and the finances working alongside our fantastic accountant.

As one of the Directors Im also taking care of all of our taxation obligations, paying BAS and signing other important but admittedly boring stuff so Carissa can concentrate on what she does best.

Previous to this role I have worked for some of Australia's largest companies (Coles, Priceline, Bonds) in Systems Admin related roles. So analysis, automation and complicated spreadsheets are bread n butter for me.




I am a little bit geeky and a little bit bossy! But's my job x

I have been part of Team Carissa for about 1 1/2 years and started just stalking her because she had this amazing vibe that made me want to know EVERYTHING about her. (Stalking in a non creepy way....maybe)

I am a momma of 3 and live in New Zealand. I have a back ground in teaching and tertiary management.

My job is to know everything that is going on with the company and make sure we are getting sh*t done.

Can't wait to me you and watch you grow x

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I am the Team Chatter box, and I am Obsessed with helping others, grow and win at life. I am a NLP Practitioner, Women's Empowerment and Trauma Coach, Breathwork Coach, and author.

My souls purpose is to see what is holding people back, to help to get rid of self- limiting beliefs, low self esteem, negative self talk, and most common of all, low, to no self- confidence.

I love nature and am known to be a tree hugger - hippie and mermaid in her spare time.

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Hey 👋🏼
I'm Taryn! I've been on the Wolfpack team for 3 years and was a client of Carissa's right from the very beginning!

I'm a feisty Leo and am obsessed with techy ad stuff and copy writing!
I have so much fun figuring out what Facebook loves and hates so I can share that goodness with you!

The Wolfpack Mastermind helped me to grow my business from a hobby market stall, to 6 figure e-commerce business.

I'm a woo woo reiki practitioner, obsessed with crystals and LOVE technology. Somehow the two work in perfect harmony!

I can't wait to meet you on the inside. 🤙🏼




I like to call myself the ‘Carissa Sitter’. I make sure she eats well, looks after herself and has no stress so she can show up and be the magical unicorn she is!! I love what I do and how I get to use both my creative and logical brain. When I’m not muming out on Carissa I’m with my fur babies, renovating my house, face glued to a book or in the kitchen cooking. I’m a little more shy then the rest of the team but I am always around!

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Hey, Homies! I am Rhi! I have been Carissa’s camerawoman for almost 4 years now! Time flies when you are having fun! Alongside working with Carissa, I have a passion to help women love themselves authentically. I am a mumma to a beautiful boy named Atlas, a fur mumma to 2 pups and a wife. I couldn’t live without chai lattes and vegan chocolate! When I am not hustling you can find me dancing to RNB, turning everything into a song and enjoying mother nature. The best part about working with Carissa is being able to share her true self with you all and being able to get creative with the camera.