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There’s no such BS as ‘slow months’ – here’s my #rant about why.

So many business owners complain about slow months, slow times, slow periods in business at certain times of the year…

And they justify it with reasons like “it’s school holidays, they are busy with kids, people have no money after xmas, everyone is waiting to get their tax refund back” etc etc the list goes on.

This is all 100% false. There is never any such thing as a “slow period” in business.

The truth is, people will always buy things that they really want, no matter what time of year it is.

If you present an irresistible enough offer to somebody, something they REALLY want or need, and it’s available for a certain time only, and they simply would feel stupid to say no to it, then they will buy it.

The thing is, people’s wants and needs can and do change throughout the year, and, it’s up to you to change with them, find out what people do actually want, and then offer something different than what you usually sell.

For example, if you own a hair salon, and you find that during school holidays, your clients don’t come in because they are at home with their kids…

it might be a good time to run a promotion for kids hair cuts or “back to school with a new style for your teen”… incentivising the parent to introduce their children as future new clients to your business also.

You might even introduce a limited time “fresh family” package which offers a slight discount for a limited time that rewards the whole family by visiting the salon together…

One of my clients started introducing late night appointments during school holidays for mums who wanted to visit after the kids were in bed, so they could have some time alone to themselves to relax and wind down.

The truth is, people always want SOMETHING…And as a business owner (if you want to be successful) it is up to you to find out what that something is, and be prepared to be different, to chop and change, to mix up what you normally offer, and offer things that people actually WANT.

And if you don’t know what people want… ASK THEM!!

Send out an email with something like “hey ……. I just wanted to ask you a quick Q, we noticed that during the month of January most years our business really slows down, and many of our regular clients don’t make appointments this time of year…

I am just curious as to what you normally do in January (after the xmas and NYE crazy season) as I was just thinking about this and wanted to find out actually what you get up to and how you normally feel at this time of year?

If you have a spare minute & could hit reply and let me know real quick that would be so awesome, I am just really curious!”

Then, when people tell you what goes on in their lives and how they feel at that time of year, you can have a think about what you could offer them to make their life easier or better during that period, and get to work!Or, you could actually reply and ask them what they would want at that time of year, and put something together based on your findings!!


Become interested in people. Ask about them. Stop thinking about yourself and what you want for a minute and start focussing on what your clients want.

(And stop always trying to go after new clients. It is so much easier to focus on offering more to people who already love you and want more from you)!


Will you dig deeper into your ‘quiet months’ and ask your clients for feedback?

Reply and let me know!

Love, Carissa xo