The time it takes to see results depends on…

The time it takes to see results varies based on the following things:

1. How established your business already is (if you already have people buying from you regularly, and you have a good brand reputation, it is easy to sell more of what you are already selling)

2. Whether or not you do the work / watch the videos / implement the things – and how long it takes you to prioritise and do this.

3. If you are someone who naturally is good at communicating and coming up with ideas or if you need time to think things through and practice and ask for help.

4. Your mindset and whether you are confident and determined vs hesitant, skeptical and afraid.

In short – there is no set answer. Some people literally get huge results within the first few days or weeks.

Some people take months.

Some people get BIG results and grow quickly.

Some have steady manageable growth month by month or year by year.

Any growth is good growth 

As for the investment to join, this will be announced / released during the next enrolment period which will be towards the end of April, we are currently working on setting up a new course platform (which is amazing) and once that’s done will be announcing all the details 

There will also be some new options on what you start with, depending on where you are right now and what you need the most.

Oh, and of course you will be cool, lol, you already are 

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