The real reason why you hate that person…

So, the topic of this video has come about because I have seen it on the internet, and also, I used to be this person as well.

I found myself getting triggered by certain Facebook statuses and ads posted by certain people. Whether it was another business, another coach or another person in my industry.

I’d be thinking things like, ‘oh, I hate that person,’ or, ‘that person’s so annoying, I’m sick of seeing their ads!’

Just always saying something negative really.

Is there anyone right now that your thinking of that has the same effect for your?

When you see their posts or ads, or they post about their successes and accomplishments they’re proud of and you instantly think, ‘FUCK THAT PERSON!’ rather than just accepting it and being happy for them??

The real reason this happens is because generally, you want something that they have.

When you’re triggered by something it generally points at something you don’t like about yourself or it’s pointing towards something that secretly, deep down, you want for yourself.

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