The only way to move through an uncomfortable feeling is to feel it.

Ok, so I’m doing a thing… and you’re either going to like it or not like it. We’ll find out.

The truth is… I’ve been filtering myself. Like, a lot. For a long time. On my Facebook profile.

Why??? Because in the past when I’ve really truly spoken my mind…

I’ve been criticised, judged, told things like “watch your ego” and “be humble” and “that’s not how you used to be” …

And so, like so many women, when we’re told things like this… we start to tone ourselves down. Filter our thoughts & words.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” right???

But… what if by only saying nice things all the time you’re not actually helping anyone to make a change or grow and improve or think differently in any way???

Not that I’m saying I want to say not nice things… but I’m going to start saying more things, period.

I already say a lot of things… but it’s mostly on my business page & in my group and honestly, I’ve been AFRAID to post stuff like that on THIS profile because of thoughts like:

“But I have friends & family on there!

There are people that probably could be triggered or offended by what I really think and what I’d really love to talk about!!

I could upset someone!”

And I’ve decided I’ve had enough of those thoughts and that if anyone is going to choose to be offended or triggered by any of my upcoming posts, opinions or rants…

They are welcome to remove themselves.

The only way to remove a fear is to face it.

The only way to move through an uncomfortable feeling is to feel it.

I’m not filtering any more.
I’m no longer about being liked.
I’m about to be about being true to yourself.

Helping people to improve their lives & businesses is my passion.

And I can’t do that to my highest ability if I’m not saying what really needs to be said.

Communication & connection is key. 🔑
Let’s communicate & connect.

It starts meow. 🐱

P.S. new tattoo

Love, Carissa xo