The need for approval is a funny thing.

Why do we do so many things like change our behaviours or change our choice of words just to get approval from other people?

I put my hand up to doing this too.

I’ve changed the way I’ve behaved in front of other people in order to get them to like me.

Have you done this too?

Have you not brought a business idea to life because someone else might think it’s silly or because someone else doesn’t want you to do it?

I’ve discovered a two-step process to overcome this.

Step one: Become aware of when you’re seeking approval and stop.

Step two: Give yourself the approval you need because the only approval you need in your life is your own.

And if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and you have business ideas, don’t take advice from people who aren’t already successful business owners themselves.

And even if you do run your business ideas by other successful business owners or mentors and they tell you it’s a bad idea, you can still choose not to listen to them.

If you really want to do something, all you need is your own approval.

I approve of you seeking your own approval.


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