The Law Of Attraction Is Real!

I’m so excited to share this manifestation story with you because it literally just happened in my life.

Most of you know that I’m into the Law of Attraction.

I use it all the time in my business and my personal life.

I believe 100% that you get what you focus on in life and now I have a story to share with you that shows you exactly how it works.

Whether you are using the Law of Attraction consciously or unconsciously, everybody is still using it.

You absolutely attract into your life what you think about and what you focus on.

It can be things. It can be money. It can be people.

In this case it was a person. It was actually a client of mine.

While I was driving the other day I was thinking about her and an earlier conversation we’d had.

I was wondering how she was going and if she’d made certain decisions around what we’d spoken about.

Low and behold, she was thinking about what we were talking about too. 

Pretty much at the same time.

For the full story of manifesting magic, watch the replay here: