If you’re really ready to commit to stepping out of your business so you can work more ON IT THAN IN IT, you’re going to want to commit to following these 6 steps…

If you have at least one employee, you really can absolutely step out of your business and work from home, or anywhere else that you like at least one or more days per week, and, you SHOULD.

Because your business can’t grow if you’re always stuck inside it, and you’re not spending enough time working on your mindset, your marketing or planning for future growth.

As someone who has set up multiple businesses and locations to run without me (since I was 22 years old) I’m well aware that if you do NOT do this the right way, it will cause you trouble and pain.

Give people too much freedom? They walk all over you and don’t do things correctly…

Micromanage and obsess over things being done perfectly? They resent you and feel like you don’t trust them and the energy between you gets all out of whack.

There’s a nice balance that needs to be obtained in order for a business and a team to operate smoothly with you being the leader that your team respects and appreciates and supports, while you work on YOU and on keeping the business and people in it thriving.

I have created a 6 week program to walk you through one step at a time so that you can set up your business to successfully operate without you needing to be IN IT.

If freedom of how you spend your time is what you are CRAVING as an entrepreneur, and if you KNOW that all your best ideas and money making plans come from you having time alone to THINK, it is essential that you prioritise doing this.

Both for yourself, and for your business, your clients and your team.

The 6 steps you’ll be following in this program are:

WEEK ONE: start systemising the things in your business the exact way you want them to be done.

WEEK TWO: get your team members following the systems (properly and without complaining about it)

WEEK THREE: get as much as possible OFF your plate and free up your time to work on the business and on yourself.

WEEK FOUR: start holding weekly meetings that you and your team look forward to and that are not scary – you can follow the exact process me and my team use, I even shared a real life team meeting of my own with you.

WEEK FIVE: Make sure your clients are happy and taken care of when you’re not there.

WEEK SIX: Work a full week (or one or a few days) from home, from a cafe etc, and know what you should be focussing on and doing with your newly found “free time” in order to keep your business growing!

AND BONUS: I have included my own personal templates for systemising and team meetings that you can just copy and implement into your own business!

These next 6 weeks are going to be the most life changing things you’ve ever implemented in your business.

Whether you’ve been working in your business for YEARS and are ready for a change or a break, or whether you’re wanting to get this right from the start so you can scale your business so much bigger than yourself…

If you want to be a business OWNER not an owner / operator, this is something you NEED to start doing.

Join me in this program, and go through these trainings one per week for the next 6 weeks…

Your life and business will never be the same again, because you will be able to build a business that supports the life that YOU WANT TO LIVE!

What would that mean to you?
What would that be worth to you?

To know how to run and grow and build a business and lead a team from ANYWHERE, just focusing your strengths, your passions and on being the best YOU you can be…

If you’re ALL IN on creating the most amazing business and life you possibly can, I’ll see you in your inbox and inside the Facebook group soon!

(And I can’t wait to see your selfie of you working on your business from home or a cafe or the beach or maybe just getting a massage or watching a movie at a time where you would normally be “working” – yes, these are some of the things I am going to encourage you to do more of too, BECAUSE AN INVESTMENT IN YOU FEELING GOOD IS A GOOD INVESTMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS)!

Ready to change and improve your future lifestyle?

Just $99 USD per week for 6 weeks.

This investment in the way you run your business will lead to the ability for you to focus on adding THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS MORE by having the extra time to focus on growth, marketing, sales, starting NEW businesses???

And whatever else you know will help you grow and enjoy life more…

If you are the type of person who knows the benefits and importance of investing in learning from mentors who have already DONE what you want to do, you won’t think twice about this.

This program has condensed my YEARS worth of experience setting up businesses to run without me into 6 easy to follow steps that will allow you to get results in WEEKS!

(Instead of learning the hard way and by all the failures I went through in order to figure out how to do this right)!

Are you ready to change your life?