Successfully Growing A Business Means Successfully Understanding The Human Mind.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to marketing your products and services and building a brand and reputation for yourself and what you sell!

Building a brand and reputation for your business is all about how you position yourself to your audience via your marketing and the type (and quality of) content you create and put online.

People will either see your product and brand as high class (good quality) or mid-level or low-level depending on the images, video, words, language and PRICING you choose to use.

There was this ad for mustard made in the 80’s that shows two rich men asking for a particular brand of mustard while being driven around in fancy cars.

This gives the impression to the viewer that if they want to be seen as “fancy” or “high status” to their friends or family when offering mustard at meal times, they would purchase this brand to demonstrate that they are this type of person.

Really though, it’s just mustard, in a jar, with a label on it.

It’s the branding and marketing that make people attach a certain feeling to it.

If you start paying attention to your own grocery shopping habits, you will find that you choose certain brands because of the way they make you feel.

Either the way they make you feel about yourself:

“I’m so good because I bought all the items that were on special and saved money”

Or the way you want other people to perceive you:

“They chose sparkling water instead of still water, they must be a little bit fancy”

Even the toilet paper you buy gives you a certain feeling about yourself.

You either choose the cheapest one, because you don’t believe you should ‘waste money’ on toilet paper that just wipes bums and goes down the loo…

Or you choose the softest, most expensive one because you believe that you deserve and should experience the best experience while wiping your bum…

Or you choose the recycled, good for the environment one that comes wrapped in paper not plastic because you believe you are doing what’s best for the environment and it makes you feel good about yourself.

It’s really important to know this when building a brand and growing a business, because you do actually get to CHOOSE how you want your audience and customers to perceive you.

And if you are doing your own marketing (like a lot of small business owners are), you get to make a choice every single time you post anything on social media, as to how the people who are viewing your content feel about you and your business.

(And the way they feel about you makes a really big difference when it comes to whether or not they will buy from you).

So, knowing this now, how do you want to be perceived in the marketplace?

How do you want your audience and ideal clients to feel about you?

What do you want your reputation to be?

And, assuming you want it to be the best it can be, and you want to be known as one of the best in your industry…

What can you do differently, or better, from this point forward, to make sure people see you as one of the best?


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