STOP stressing! Everything is going to be fine xo

If you’re feeling stressed out right now… if you’re pushing yourself too hard…

Just know that the stressful energy is radiating from you into every other part of your life.

The people around you can feel it.

You’re probably not making the best choices.

You’re not actually going to get what you want from putting this energy into whatever you’re doing, so it’s time to just chill out for a sec.

Stop pushing.

Take a breath.

Remove yourself from whatever you’re doing.

And gently remind yourself that it’s all gonna be ok 👌🏼

Everything is perfect and exactly as it’s meant to be.

Everything happens in divine timing, as it is supposed to.

You can’t possibly allow in what you want when you’re constantly pushing against the natural flow of things.

Let go.

Get yourself back into a state of gratitude and love.

Think about everything that is right in your life and everything good that has already happened…

Rather than focussing on what is not yet the way you want it to be.

Ask yourself: “If I was coming from a place of love right now, what would that look like?”


It’ll all be ok.

Stop forcing it.

Everything will be fine.

P.S. If you could stop stressing about ONE thing, what would that be? Hit reply and let me know.

Love, Carissa xo