Stop finding time (you never do) – start making it!

You’ll never be able to “find the time.” 

It isn’t hiding from you.

You need to MAKE THE TIME by choosing that what you spend it on are things that add value to your life.

I can never understand people who say “I just want to wait until (insert excuse about not having enough time here) before I start growing / working on my business…”


If you’re serious about it you would start right fucking now and stop looking for reasons to procrastinate and put off making a change!

You would be EXCITED to learn and grow and put your everything towards reaching your vision!

Yeah you would probably still feel nervous or scared (it’s normal) and anxious about what might happen…

BUT we all know the most successful people don’t make excuses or blame their lack of results on a lack of time…


Seriously successful people take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the way they spend every moment & every result (or lack thereof) they achieve…

If you’re always looking for or waiting for the perfect moment to do something…

You’re going to waste a lot of your life.

Time, once spent, can’t be regained.

Spend wisely.

Choose what’s most important to you.

Give your time to it