Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I’m so obsessed with my business, my work, with building an audience & sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions, knowledge, passion & stories with the world…

And then I wonder why I wonder if it’s bad that I’m obsessed with those things. 🤔

Was it a belief that was gifted to me by someone who does not share the same creator / performer / entrepreneur personality type?

Likely yes. But that’s ok.👌🏼

And then that’s what reminds me once again that it’s not a bad thing to want these things, and there’s nothing wrong with me.

I am simply a creator, and us creators love to SHARE OUR CREATIONS. 🙌🏼

In fact the entire reason we create is so that people can enjoy our creations.

Musicians want to share their songs, music, gifts, words etc with an audience. 🎵

Authors need people to read their stories! 📚

Film-makers want to share their visions… 🎥

And entrepreneurs need to share their passions, products, creations & offerings with their clients who will benefit from them!!

It’s literally in my DNA, to desire an audience to read my words, watch my videos, and to benefit from my ideas!

Any time I try to suppress the urge, or, if I run out of available time to dream, create & share…

I lose myself again.

Depression creeps back in.

I’m out of alignment with who I was born to be. ☹️

Creators NEED an audience to consume their creations. Performers crave fans.

And non-creatives, non-performers need entertainers to entertain them throughout their lives!

So if you were born with the desire to be a star, to build an audience, to share your unique flavour & gifts with the world… 🌟

Then bloody well stop questioning yourself and start speaking your truth, owning your purpose, and shining your light to bring some brightness to the darkness of those who need you! 🌞