Sometimes I kinda hate myself…

Sometimes I kinda hate myself…

Well, not really, but sometimes I catch myself out in situations where I realise I take a lot of things for granted.

Things that may seem little to me, but that are huge to someone else.

For example, today I found myself feeling really tired and lazy and hungry, and I just could not decide what I wanted to eat, and couldn’t be bothered to cook or make anything.

I started thinking thoughts like: “I’ll just get take-out so I don’t have to cook or clean anything” – despite having a house full of food…

AND having frozen meals in the freezer…

Then I got a hold on myself and thought..

“Carissa, you entitled little b****, here you are being all like ‘I can’t be bothered to use the microwave so I’ll just spend extra money and get hot food delivered’…

Meanwhile there are people out there who are literally starving and don’t even have any money or food and must be in total agony feeling those hunger pains and frustration”.

The world is so much bigger than just me being hangry while standing in my kitchen right now.

So as I quite often do when I start to feel bad for the people in the world who have it super rough, I pull up one of my favourite or relevant charities, and donate the amount I would have spent on myself to help someone who needs it more…

And then decide whether I will actually cook or whether I will still get the delivery…


(And this might be the most important part of this post)

You don’t need to sacrifice things for yourself in order to also help others.

For a long time, I had a belief that “I shouldn’t spend money on myself when I could do something so much better or useful with that money”

Or thinking things like: “it’s selfish to even want to make more for myself when there are so many more people who need it more than me”

Until I decided that neither of those beliefs were actually benefitting me OR anyone else because they were just keeping me stuck in my comfort zone, living a very average life.

Not doing all the things I dreamed of doing, and not helping others either.

Can you relate?

The truth is… you can have both.

Success & Contribution.

Having both is what makes you feel actually fulfilled.

Otherwise you could have everything you want without giving anything back (which leaves you feeling a bit empty)…

Or give everything you have away because you believe you don’t deserve to have anything for yourself!!!

Or, not really doing either because you only get yourself to a level where you have “enough” but nothing extra for fun or contribution.

So, you can have both.

But always try to remember not to take anything for granted along the way…

Giving (both to yourself & others) really is one of the secrets to receiving and fulfilment.

And… so is gratitude 🙏🏼