If you want your business and your brand to be well known and loved by your audience and clients (which means you’ll find it almost effortless to continue growing your audience and attracting new clients) there are several things you MUST prioritise and master both as an entrepreneur and a human being…

People can’t really KNOW YOU AND LOVE YOU until you know and love yourself.

If you don’t really know and understand and approve of and accept yourself the way you are, and if you’re not constantly striving to BE the best possible version of yourself, and if you don’t really love and trust yourself as an incredible business owner who exists to help your customers get the results they want in their own lives then….


Working on YOURSELF is more important than working on your business.

I mean, they both are important… but if you’re using your obsession with your *work* as a way to actually AVOID going within, then you’re always going to be capped at a certain level and probably end up continually self sabotaging your own progress and efforts because deep down you don’t really believe that you are *worth it*.

Truth hurts, yah?

So… what should you start to do about this?

1. Prioritise self discovery and self development. Literally, become obsessed with figuring yourself out. Take personality tests, strengths finder tests, numerology tests (if you’re into all of that) otherwise just start practicing self awareness and continually asking yourself “why do I think that” “why do I do that?” “why do I feel like that?”

Start to look at your own life and thoughts and actions as if you were someone else watching yourself. Ask yourself all the time how you are making yourself feel.

DON’T EVER THINK YOU KNOW ENOUGH. People who think there’s nothing to work on or improve within themselves are the ones who need it most. 

Put your ego aside and get vulnerable.

2. Learn as much as you can about human behaviour and human influence so that you can become someone who is LIKEABLE / LOVABLE and who understands what other people want and need. This way you can make sure your needs are fulfilled while also fulfilling the needs of others, thus attracting all the people to you who appreciate and value your existence.

3. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do or who have done what you want to do and learn from them, bask in their essence and energy, pay attention to how they show up and how they think vs how you are showing up and how you think.

The fastest way to uplevel your success is to uplevel your social circle, yes this includes being a part of mastermind groups, online courses and working with coaches and mentors, this is the fastest way to actually meet and make new friends (other members or clients of the program) who are equally as driven and motivated and HUNGRY as you are!

When you change what you surround yourself with and what you think and what you put into your brain (books, podcasts, courses, conversations etc) you will change. It’s inevitable.

Make sure you are choosing to surround yourself with people and information that you WANT to become more like… and make sure to discover your personal values and goals and desires and strengths and weaknesses FIRST!!!

(So that you are not made to feel like there is anything wrong with who you are as a person on this journey, you do not need anyone telling you you need to become better at something your personality type naturally sucks at, or that you need to develop *habits* that work for someone else’s strengths, or adopt values that are not your own)…

That is the fastest way to failure and unfulfillment.

So, know thyself and know thy audience, before you become known.