So this is something I LOOOOVE to help people to do.

Cool. So this is something I LOOOOVE to help people to do, if and when they are ready to do it.

For me, there came a point where I still loved my business, my clients, my staff, but that I knew I couldn’t keep growing if I was personally and physically still in the business.

I wanted to create my own range of products, I wanted to expand to new areas, I wanted to have more TIME for me to do new things, travel, learn more, spend more time educating myself…

So if you are currently wanting to step out of your business and work more ON it than IN it, or even just have a few days a week off to do anything other than work… the first thing to become aware of is the reason you want to do this.

(I also actually got to a stage where I had done so much personal development and spiritual work that I found it difficult to have conversations with some of my clients because I could no longer tolerate talking about what happened on “the block” that week)…

I wanted to surround myself with other entrepreneurs who understood me and wanted to help and support me, like I could do them.

Joining mastermind groups gave me the opportunity to do that..

Anyway, back on topic, what you need to do in order to GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND STEP OUT OF IT WHILE IT IS STILL OPERATING…

Is firstly have a great marketing and sales strategy in place that is either systemised or automated so that you can bring in a consistent stream of new clients AND continue building relationships with them by means of follow ups and sharing regular content, stories and education…

This ensures that the business will continue to grow. You can do this with good Facebook and instagram advertising, a strong brand, great content marketing, and an automated email sequence (all explained and shown in detail inside the wolfpack).

In order to step out of the business, you need a great team, a great relationship with your team, clear systems and procedures in place that make it really easy for your team to know what to do every day and week so they don’t forget anything or have to keep asking you questions constantly.

You also need to have a plan for what you are going to DO with your time once you are not working in the business, and be really transparent with the team as to what you are doing and why and how it’s going to not only benefit you but also them (more responsibility, trust, opportunity for future promotion perhaps)?

The dream team videos which are inside the wolfpack will really help with this too.

For me, when I stepped out of my business and worked on it, most of my time was spent on the marketing and sales, and bringing clients into the business, keeping it busy.

As well as prioritising my self care, education, mindset, and growing & helping my team.

(If you want to have a great life and be happy, you also need them to have a great life and be happy too).

All of how to do that can be found inside the Wolfpack Mastermind Modules – and help and support is provided within the secret Facebook group in the form of me, my support team, regular live videos & monthly group coaching calls 🙂

I hope that helped answer the question, I’ve been through this myself (multiple times) and would love to help you do the same.

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