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Oh hey 👋🏽  are you a hair or beauty salon owner who is trying to figure out a way to get new clients into your business?

How are you doing right now, really?


Is business good? Just ok? Stuck at a level you can’t get past? Or (eek) going backwards?!


Are you posting on your socials, and only getting a few likes here and there? Sometimes a comment or two… occasionally a message from someone with a question.


Do you feel sick when people cancel or reschedule last minute because you were kind of relying on that appointment to pay your bills or wages?


Do you feel frustrated and irritated sometimes with how hard it all feels?


Like… shouldn’t running a business be a little bit easier than this!!!???


Well, it’s never going to be EASY, (let’s be real, life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be)...


But it can be easier to attract new customers into your salon when you post on your Facebook page.


And it can be easier to get more engagement, more followers and more sales every week.


And it can be easier to not feel so stressed or worried about money.


And it all starts with improving the way you post.


Your pictures may be good.

Your clients are probably happy!

You’ve got some fantastic reviews.


But maybe the way you are communicating that with your audience is letting you down...


Have you ever taken a great photo of your work and never known what to say when you post it, so you just end up writing a few words and a bunch of hashtags and hoping for the best?


You probably know already that posts like that don’t result in many new clients.


But if you change what you write with your pictures, and then you start advertising some of them… they can and they will get you lots more bookings & enquiries!!


I’d really love to show you how to do this, OR, even do it for you if you’re in a position to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

I'D LOVE to tell you about my brand new 12 week course which is 100% focussed on GETTING CUSTOMERS with Facebook.

Not just followers and engagement, I want to help you actually SERIOUSLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS and make lots more money, like, ASAP.

If you would like the info, please just FILL IN YOUR DETAILS here, tell me about yourself and your business, and I will send you the info for the course.



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