See more money in your bank account this month.

Hello, I’m Carissa Hill and my mission in life is to help passionate, creative, high achieving entrepreneurs like yourself to rapidly build a successful business and live a happy life.

I wrote this short book to help you make more money in your business, in a FUN and feel good way, as quickly as possible (this week even, if you really jump in and give these things a go).

Because all parts of life should be FUN, including making money.

Most people love making money.

Money IS fun.

They say money doesn’t bring you happiness, and I completely agree that it isn’t money that brings you happiness.

Happiness is brought about by having great people in your life who you love and who love you, by knowing yourself well and spending time doing things you enjoy, by loving yourself and appreciating yourself, by having things to look forward to, by constantly educating yourself on things that interest you, by accepting everyone for their differences and not trying to control things around you, and by making money doing what you love!

A lot of people seem to feel guilty about making money or are scared of making money, which I think is a bit silly.

People love to spend money as much as they like to make it, that’s why YOU want to make more money isn’t it? So you can spend it?

Your customers love spending money too.

And this is a very important point to remember.

After all, they have come to your business specifically to spend money with you to get something from you that they want or need.

And if you have a product or service that helps someone achieve a result that they desire, then you are doing a disservice to that person by not offering it to them.

The only reason you should ever feel guilty about asking your clients for money or charging for your services, is if you are trying to scam someone or if you genuinely don’t care about providing a great service or result, you just want their money.

And if that’s you, then this book ain’t for you, honey.

Far too many business owners I have spoken to and worked with tend to have negative or limiting beliefs around making money.

Some people think that wanting to make a lot of money is greedy, or that money is evil, or that they don’t need or deserve the things that they really want, or that they were taught as children that everything nice or new was “too expensive” and they should just make do with what they have.

Or that people who have a lot of money are *$%^&@&#.

Whatever your belief around money, that’s all it is. A belief.

It’s not necessarily true. But it’s true for you, because you believe it.

And if you went and started a business, which I’m assuming you did if you’re reading this post, then deep down you probably really wanted to make some decent coin.

(You can admit it to me. I won’t judge you. In fact I’ll probably start rattling off about 100 ideas and different ways you can make more money in your business if you do tell me. I’m good like that).

Yeah business is about sharing a passion or something you are good at with the world. Yeah it’s about helping people to solve their pain or give them pleasure. Yeah it’s about making your ideas come to life and creating your own dream world for yourself…

But a business that doesn’t make money? That’s not a very successful business.

The truth is, money doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a thing. Paper. Metal. Plastic. Numbers on a screen.

The only meaning it has is the meaning you give it, which comes from the thoughts you think when you think about money.

And you can change your thoughts about money if you want to or need to. You can even make making money into a fun & exciting game!

And I am about to show you how.

Even if you choose just ONE of these methods and implement it in your business this week, I’m pretty damn confident you’ll see results in your bank account.

I use ALL of these methods in my own business and help my clients to use them too.

Are you ready to know what they are and start seeing more MONEY in your bank account this month?

Grab the ebook here:

Love, Carissa xo