Screw perfect! Do what lights you up!

When you decide to own the fact that there’s some (or in my case many) things in life that you’d just rather not DO ever again (even if it feels like you “should” because it’s what you’ve been taught by family, teachers, society, whatever)…

And you just decide to prioritise NOT doing it and finding someone who does love doing those things so you can just do the good, fun & messy things – life gets WAAAAYYYY better in literally every way.

Stop trying to be perfect at everything and just focus on doing what lights you up.

Delegate the rest to people who are better at it than you are!! (Home stuff, business stuff, whatever).

You’ll make more money by doing what you love & what makes you happy anyway. (Don’t try to save it by doing things that crush your soul).

What will you be delegating? Reply, let me know, and make yourself accountable ;).

Love, Carissa xo.