How To RAISE PRICES In Your Business!!!

Last week inside the Wolfpack Mastermind I ran a training for my clients on how to raise prices in your business.

This was specifically requested by one of our members who really wanted to raise prices, but felt awkward and a bit scared about doing so.

She wasn’t sure how to actually implement a prise rise, and didn’t want to upset any of her existing clients, but she knew she was worth more AND she wanted to make more money too.

This is what she specifically asked for help with:

– When to raise your prices?

– How to tell your clients both in personal and on social media? To post or not to post?

– How to handle the inevitable question of “why?” (Without sounding like a pompous asshole).
“Oh you see it’s because I’m so amazing, you little mere mortal” ?
– How to rock the higher prices ?? and own it with zero apologies. 
(I feel like a money grabber! Help!)

And so I created a special training video that covered all of those things and also these things:
How to deal with resistance from customers?
Should you do a gradual increase, or one big jump?
Can you charge more for clients who just want YOU?
(And not your staff members).
How should you tell your clients?

So tell me, is raising your prices something you want to do in the new year?
Yes? Good.
Because you are worth it AND you can make a lot more money for no extra work if you do!

These are just a few benefits of raising your prices:

You will position yourself higher in the marketplace.
You will make more money.
People will take you more seriously.
You will attract clients who value and respect you as an authority.
You will increase your confidence and self worth.
You will see that anything is possible (because it is)!
You will push through fears and get out of your comfort zone, and grow on a deeper level too.

If you want these things for yourself too, though you are just not quite sure how to start, then I have something for you today that will help you.

I’ve decided to do something I don’t normally do, and offer this secret training to you to purchase (separate to my course) for just USD $97. (Normally $497)

I’m also only going to have it available publicly for just 24 hours. After that, it goes back to being available for members of the mastermind only.

So if you want to raise your prices, and do it properly, and without fear or pissing anybody off… Make sure to grab this now 🙂 


What Wolfpack Mastermind Members are saying after watching & implementing the training:

“I cold turkey put my prices up by between 15 and 27 percent, I stressed out, thought no one was going to book us as we are now by FAR the most expensive out of any of our competitors, things went a bit quiet for a while (coincidentally) and then low and behold we have had truckloads more bookings come though since I put the prices up than we ever have in that same time frame!

The increase in bookings are mostly all thanks to my new Facebook marketing skills, which are of course all thanks to you Carissa Hill!

Don’t be afraid to charge what you believe you are worth and what you need to charge to achieve your goals  🙂.

Best advice I got from you Carissa was “someone has to be the most expensive, it may as well be you” & “don’t compare yourself to what others in your industry are charging.”

“So, I’ve had about 20 people book for the new year in the last 3 weeks on the new price menu. Thanks for the video ? “

“I just increased prices by £50, and people are paying it”!

And, the sooner you successfully raise your prices in your business, the sooner you’re going to start bringing in thousands, even hundreds of thousands more throughout the year.

You can use the extra money to re-invest into your business to keep it growing, or pocket the extra profits for yourself.

You can even use the same methods to successfully implement another price rise every year if you want to.

Sooo… following this training will make you a LOT of money…

Are you ready to get your hands on it?