I’ll tell you how with a true story.

Back when my sweet little pebbles was still with us (RIP my furbaby girl) I used to have a mobile dog groomer lady come to my house to wash & groom her.

The ladies name was Sandy. 

She had a cute little blue doggy wash trailer with pictures of bubbles on it. 

She was so sweet and gentle and caring and I could just tell she loved dogs a lot. 

She always took her time and made sure Pebbles was comfortable and not afraid.

Now, can I tell you the name of her business? 

Nope, can’t remember…

Did I want to follow a dog grooming business on social media? Not really…

But did I love Sandy and recommend her and give her number to anyone else I knew in my area that had a dog?!

You betcha!

Would I have added Sandy on Facebook as a friend if she requested me? 

Hell yes!

Would I be more interested in what Sandy’s business is doing? Or what Sandy is doing on social media?

Definitely Sandy!


People connect emotionally with people, not businesses.

So having a personal brand online doesn’t mean you need to have it INSTEAD OF your current business…

(Although you can definitely transition into an online business with your personal brands and write books or create videos or courses on dog grooming tips or how to start and run a dog grooming business)!

But it does mean your clients are more likely to be loyal and recommend others if they feel like they know you better and are connected to you online…

And it does mean you can grow an audience and new friendships of other dog lovers…

And it does mean you can relax a bit and be a bit more real online and not try to think too hard about what you have to share for your business… (because you can share things you are doing and that are happening in your real life too)!

So whether you own a dog grooming business, a beauty salon or even a fish n’ chip shop…

A personal brand can help you grow your business, and I can’t wait to show you how in my free mini course!