Pick My Brain.

Soooooooo many people have asked to take me out for a coffee and "pick my brain" over the years, that I decided to call my private consulting page "pick my brain" because essentially, that's what happens. You tell me what you want to accomplish, I tell you how to do it, and then we sit down and start implementing it together...

So firstly, my apologies if this lets you down at all, but, as coaching, mentoring, consulting, and giving my advice and strategies is my business, I actually can't give my time and advice 1:1 in exchange for coffee... (UNLESS we are going to film it, or livestream it, and turn it into public or paid content for my social media marketing, which could be a thing if I have the time or need for it)...

However, in a general week, with hundreds of clients whom all are paying for my teachings and advice, and with a young child and family I love to spend time with, while running a multimillion dollar company, I only have very limited time for 1:1 coaching and consulting these days and can't do it for free. (I don't suggest you work for free either).

So... depending on the level of brain picking you want to get into, here are the options available for my private consulting sessions 🙂

david wild

I don't play small and neither should you.

Alternatively, if 1:1 consulting is not actually what you desire or need right now... you are VERY welcome and encouraged to have a look at my Wolfpack Mastermind program - which contains all the training and support you need to take your business to ANY level you desire...

If you're a high achiever who is wild at heart, can't be tamed, is obsessed with business and is HUNGRY for success, then we'd love to have you. Check it out.


If you want your question answered for free over a coffee...

If you just have a quick Q for me, come over into my Facebook group called "Coffee With Carissa" and ask me what you would like to know and if it's something I am happy to talk about in a short video or podcast episode because I know it will benefit others as well, then I may add it to my list of topics to talk or write about... 🙂

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