Would you like to know how to create emotional bonds with your marketing?

Would you like some examples?

I can feel you nodding.

So ONE of the things responsible for allowing your clients to form a strong emotional bond with you / your business / your brand is…

A powerful story.

But, not a story about you and how you started the business…

It needs to be a story that THEY can connect and relate to, something that makes them think “omg, me too” or “wow, they understand what I’m going through”

As an example when I sold spray tans & lash extensions, I told the story of how those services changed my life and made me feel so much better about myself / gave me so much confidence BECAUSE I had always had white skin and thin hair that didn’t grow, and I was never able to naturally look the way I wanted to look…

I couldn’t even curl my natural hair because there wasn’t enough of it! And it always just stuck flat to my head!

But when I wore extensions I felt more feminine and beautiful, I took more photos and had much more fun while out with friends because I really loved how my hair looked!

I’m also ‘pear shaped’ and have always been self conscious about my thighs and a spray tan made me feel better about them… (I even started wearing short shorts to show them off)!

Can you see how by telling those STORIES I’m not even actually trying to sell the services?

But anyone that can relate to any of those things in even the slightest way is basically SOLD and is going to come to me for these services now… right?

If they are shopping around they are more likely to choose my business over someone who is focussed on just promoting the product and the price or even the results.

There is a connection built between us now based on a shared experience or emotion.

Because “omg me too”

Let me know if that makes sense…

What STORY can you tell for your products and services??

(Hint; it doesn’t need to be about you it can be about a client)!

Want more strategies & examples?

Reply and let me know…

P.S. I also recorded a live video / New Episode of my weekly online show and podcast on THIS VERY TOPIC last Thursday, you can watch it here: “How To Make Sure People Choose YOUR Business”