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Hey! I'm Carissa and I'm here to help you grow your business, make more money and make a bigger impact by successfully using Facebook marketing...

I've been using Facebook since it existed (myspace before that) and have grown a chain of hair and beauty salons, an international wholesale product range, and a 7 figure online coaching business, all by using Facebook.

Please feel free to stalk my website, my YouTube Channel, my Facebook Group and my Instagram for heaps of business, mindset & manifestation tips to help you grow.

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In this FREE e-book I share with you how I used Facebook to bring in consistent clients, grow my business to multiple locations, and how I set my business up to run without me so that I can work from anywhere, all by mastering the art of selling successfully with FB!

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Pru took her business From $15k per month to $62k per month in only 12 months.

Tash turned a $5 boosted post on Facebook into $3500 in a week & got 35 new repeat clients.

Sair took her business from $1k/week to $7.5k/week. Taking her business from $52k to $390k per year!

When Regina started her business she was doing $200/month. NOW she is doing $12000+ per month!


The Secret To Staff & Client Retention!! 8 Simple Secrets To Keep Clients Coming Back & Staff Never Wanting To Leave!!

Make more money THIS WEEK!! Just by implementing these 10 simple strategies (that cost nothing) in your business.

Turn your followers into clients!! This book shares the real secrets to making money & getting clients with Facebook.

You are worth more!! If you know you need to raise your prices, this book will walk you through it doing it successfully.


STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE! If you want to get more done, these are the time management strategies for you.

Not sure what people want to see from you on social?!?! This book gives you a list of ideas.

When Regina started her business she was doing $200/month. NOW she is doing $12000+ per month!

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Interviews & Media

"Carissa Hill, an International speaker and business coach, achieved a phenomenal level of success thanks to her sharp delegation skills.

In her book, I Like Money: The Secrets to Actually Making Money with Facebook, Hill shares how she used Facebook to expand her business and then set up processes that allowed her to run everything without manually doing the work.

However, Hill understands that there are some roles best handled by the business owner. She recommends business leaders maintain direct control of the following three jobs"

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"For personal brands and service based businesses, digital marketing expert Carissa Hill recommends using slightly enhanced, yet 'real' images that connect with your target audience.

These can work "a lot more successfully than using stock photos.

For example, a hair salon promoting their hair services will have a lot better success showing off a great photo of their own work in their own salon, as opposed to a stock photo they purchased online."

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Have you ever thought about using a Facebook GROUP for your business? If not, you should definitely consider it.

It's pretty obvious that page engagement is at an all time low, due to Facebook's algorithm changes.

But the thing about groups is, you shouldn't use them primarily to promote or grow your business. You should use them to bring likeminded people together and help them.

This is one of my favourite ever podcast interviews I have ever done, and I'd love for you to have a listen, as we get into some of the much deeper stuff than just "marketing strategy"...


Interview with #FunnelHacker radio

Interview with Ryan Bowles, Create Or Die.

Interview on NBC TV, Podfest USA

Interview with Alex Charfen, The Momentum Podcast.

Blog posts

How to stop selling your soul in business!

By Carissa Hill | September 28, 2018

Don’t let any coach or mentor tell you that you need to be anything other than your SELF in order to be successful. Of course, you can improve your SELF along your journey… (and I highly recommend it)… But trying to change yourself to fit a mould, box, strategy or system that doesn’t feel good…

Are you making the right choice?

By Carissa Hill | September 25, 2018

Being happy with yourself, your own choices, your own actions, is what really makes you happy. .. .. They say happiness is a choice, and it is. Though you’ve first of all got to make choices you are happy with! .. .. It all comes back down to taking responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings,…

Are you flowing or overthinking it?

By Carissa Hill | September 22, 2018

Any time I try too hard to do anything “strategically” in my business my results plateau or flop or dramatically slow down… My BEST results have always come from the “flow zone” which is more of an intuitive guidance FEELING than a “thinking and planning” state of mind. You know, it’s the ideas that come…

Are you my ideal client? Time to find out!

By Carissa Hill | September 19, 2018

Let me tell you about MY ideal client… She is creative, talented, has too many ideas, is obsessed with her business, and is NOT prepared to settle for not reaching every single goal she sets for herself.. She knows she is extremely talented yet she still doubts herself a lot and is terrified of many…

I have a super power I want to teach you…

By Carissa Hill | September 16, 2018

So today I’m actually going to be sharing a little bit about something that I believe is a super power of mine. Once I mention it, you will probably think, ‘oh, that makes so much sense!’ This super power is what I will be putting into the new course I just launched, you may have…

Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough?

By Carissa Hill | September 13, 2018

I think by far one of the most frustrating things in my life is the fact that there are SO many things I want to do and experience and achieve… And that there simply isn’t enough time or energy to do them all at once. (I still will do them all, but the struggle is…


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