Own your obsession with your business!

For those of you who can never stop thinking about your business…

My advice is…


Why would you even want to?

When you love it that much it is literally who you are!

I think if you can easily stop thinking about your business, or if you want to, then maybe that business isn’t actually what you’re meant to be doing with your life

Just sayin…

12yrs in business this year for me and even though I’m cray cray & I’ve run 10+ different biz models in that time…

(Graphic & web design, print & promotional products, salon services, wholesale products, training courses, coaching / consulting / teaching, lead generation, online courses)

Never have I ever completely stopped thinking about my biz.

Nor do I desire to.

It fulfils me. It’s my life. It’s who I am.

You never need to feel bad or guilty about not being able to switch off WHO YOU ARE.

#owntheobsession ✌🏼

Love, Carissa xo.