My signature 12 month course and mastermind group which is designed to help you double your business (at least) and set it up to run without you in it. Exclusively for positive-minded, high achievers who know they are made for greatness and will do whatever it takes to get there.


Proven to work customisable Facebook ads and sales scripts designed to get you leads and clients, FAST.


A series of guided team meetings to help you to understand your team, and help your team to better serve your clients.

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Below are a collection of live trainings I have done for my WolfPack Mastermind clients that are now available for individual sale. Please note these individual trainings do not come with personal coaching or support from me or my team. 

As a member of the mastermind, you get ALL of my trainings included plus new ones almost every week on different topics as requested by you and other members.



In this hour long training, I take you behind the scenes of my own business and show you EXACTLY how I systemise my company so that it can be set up to run without me doing the work.

I use this exact same strategy both in my salons and in my online coaching business now.

As a bonus, I have also included a ready to go template for you to use so that you can start systemising your own business right away!

Systemising your business is essential if you want it to be able to operate without YOU having to do and know everything, and if you want to build a scalable business model.

It's also so much easier than most people think! And you only need to do it ONCE and then it's done!!


Do you struggle to know what to say to people when they enquire with you or comment on your ads?

Do you get a lot of people saying things like: "I have to check with my partner. I can't afford it. I need to think about it. Or just not replying once you give them the price?"

This sales training bundle will help you to understand what people actually want to hear from you in order to turn them into a client.

Whether you're selling via Facebook chat, SMS, email or over the phone - these are tried and tested secrets both myself and my clients use to dramatically increase sales in a FEEL GOOD way.

1. How to successfully start a sales conversation.
2. How to close the sale and overcome objections.
3. How to follow up and turn old leads into sales.


Whether you tell yourself you can, or tell yourself you can't - you are right!!

It's true! Your success & happiness DOES start in your head! (So does your failure and frustration).

You've heard of the law of attraction. You've heard of Karma. You've heard of manifestation. Whatever you want to call it, it's the law of equal returns and whatever you put out you will get more of.

If you want to really know and understand how to use your mind to get you where you want to go, then the Mindset For Success training is for you.

You CAN have everything you want, as long as you think you can and stay focussed on the right things.