$20,000 (5)

Does your business need a good hard kick up the 🍑 ??

If you want to KICK GOALS, it's time to put on your boss hat, throw on a big gold chunky dollar sign necklace... and get jiggy with it... 

*na na na na na na na* (doing the Will Smith dance)

No but seriously, you do need to stop and ask yourself "hmm 🤔 am I really operating at my full potential"?

What if you decided to go BIGGER and stopped playing small and gentle and cautiously and just SMASHED IT?!?!

Go hard or go home, right?

So many business owners are not growing as much or as quickly as they would like because they are just not marketing their businesses at the highest level...

Like, they might do a boosted post on FB, and it gets a bit of attention, they put a few $$ on it, and they have a couple of pissy messages with people each day, and then are like:

"Oh well, business is quiet right now, I'll blame the economy or the market or the location I'm in or that people just don't want to spend money right now, or something something"

Is this you? Have you done or said that? For reals?

It's LIES I tell you, ALL LIES!!

If your business isn't BUSY it kinda means your marketing is probably just not awesome enough for people to give you any attention.

Straight up.

Either people don't know you or trust you well enough.

Or they are seeing your posts and ignoring them.

Or you're not offering them what they really WANT!!??

Some of my shop locations back in the day were in the stupidest locations. Literally nobody would have known we were there.

My prices were NOT THE CHEAPEST either...

But we were ALWAYS busy...


Good marketing my friend... good marketing...

And I want to show you how to have good marketing too...

And even if your marketing is already good and getting results, I want to help you SMASH THE 💩OUT OF IT.

So if you're committed to kicking tomorrow off with a BANG 💥  join me for this 3 day intensive Facebook Business Booster BOOTCAMP where I'm gonna KICK YOUR BUSINESSES BUTT for 3 days straight!!!

We're gonna cover:

Day 1) What makes a GREAT Facebook ad and boosted post that actually gets people's attention and gets them interacting with it and you...

(FINALLY you can *get it* and know what works and what doesn't and WHYYYY)

Day 2) Creating a killer ad / offer / boost to get your business off to a flying start...

(Let's start getting you some clients and more likes and people who KNOW YOU EXIST)!!

Day 3) Strategy for BOOSTING your business & sales with ads and boosted posts and how to go BIGGER & BETTER and stop holding yourself back!!

(If you wanna double your sales, you don't need to double your efforts, you just need to double your marketing!!!)

It's gonna be fast and dirty... 😉

It's gonna be you and me, and your business, ready to get mean and lean, and live up to your FULLEST POTENTIAL.

If you're ready to CRUSH the competition and out-market them all on FB...

To stand out and get noticed and DOMINATE...

And you're prepared to go commit to go ALL IN and stop holding back...

Then SAY YES to this 3 Day Business BOOTCAMP. 💪🏼

Book in a couple of hours over the 3 days NOW so you have time to watch and implement EVERYTHING.

All trainings will arrive in your email inbox as soon as you sign up!

As with everything in life, you only get out what you put in...

So, are you IN? 💪🏼 



$20,000 (3)

In this 2 part program I take you behind the scenes of my online coaching business and show you exactly how I sold one of my online courses using a series of boosted posts over a 5 day period and made a total of $20k cash in less than a week.

I share the strategy, the mindset, and the actual posts that I used and break them down to help you understand WHY they were successful.

After completing this training you should come away from it thinking very differently about how you can promote your own products and services to your own followers and clients and be full of new ideas.

It is not to be taken lightly (even though it is super fun)!
Serious online business owners only who use a "launch" method to sell online courses and coaching programs.

1 x payment of $249 USD or 3 x weekly payments of $85 USD


$20,000 (4)

One of the reasons so many business owners are always looking for "new clients" and thinking it's the answer to making more money (and why they ALWAYS seem to be doing that)...

... is because they are not thinking enough, or in some cases, at all, about their existing customers.

And so what that looks like, is like your business is a bathtub, and the customers are the water, and you don't have the fricken plug in!

So the customers come in... you wash yourself with them ??? and then they go away, down the plug hole...??? and you never see them again... 😳

Whereas actually, the quickest and best way to grow your business, is to put MORE of your energy, into your existing clients, so that they actually feel like you care, and so they want to continue doing business with you...

Make sense?

It is one of the main things I did in my salons that was responsible for being able to grow so quickly.

My plug was IN.

And my bath (or first shop) started overflowing, so I needed to open another one... and then another...

This is something that Facebook ads or any other kind of marketing just can't fix.

If your clients are currently not returning to your business...

There is something missing. On the INSIDE of your business.

The place where nobody can actually see what you're doing.

And where you often don't even know what you're doing, because you're just doing what comes naturally to you...

And if nobody taught you how to treat people in such a way that they fall in love with you, and want to tell everyone how much they love you, and want to come back and see you again as often as possible...

Then how can you know? And how can you improve it?

No amount of "marketing or sales strategies" are going to be able to fix this stuff.

But I'll tell you what CAN fix it...

YOU (and your team members if you want them to be good at this too) attending this 5 day program with me.

It's called... wait for it... (something really obvious)...

It's called: "PUT THE DAMN PLUG IN" 🛀


You are gonna fill that bath, damnit.

And we are going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know in order to keep clients coming back to your business, and telling everyone about you.

So that you can make more money and grow your business FASTER, and buy yourself a vacation to a place with a bath like this in the photo because #GOALS omg how cool is it????

You and me together. For 5 days.

We'll cover:

How to make brand new clients fall in LOVE with you immediately! 💕

What kind of words and body language to use around your customers to make them feel comfortable with you and your business. 💁

How to make sure that AFTER their appointment or purchase from you, they still love you and can't wait to see you again.

How to get your clients ADDICTED to your business so they never want to leave! 😱

Making sure you (and your team) do this naturally, on autopilot, without having to think about it, so you can KEEP growing, and growing, and growing! 💰

You can sign up and get started now, one training in your email inbox per day, for 5 days in a row.

This program was recorded LIVE inside a secret Facebook group, and now it's available for you to sink your teeth into right now.

Are you IN?

Do you want to FILL YOUR BUSINESS?

The time is now.

Because... if nothing changes... nothing changes!!

1 X payment of $155 USD OR 3 X weekly payments of $55 USD



$20,000 (1)

Yo Mama, I see you workin your pretty 🍑 off err day trying to grow your biz while also trying to spend quality time with the kidlets and trying to squeeze in some time for yourself too…

I see those big dreams, that thirst for financial freedom, and that passion for sharing what you do with the world on a massive scale…

I see your pretty brain coming up with amazing ideas right when you are trying to fall asleep… 💡

I know you wanna take it to the top, crush your competition, and smile big when you check your bank balance every morning…

You know what else I see??

You, not having a clear plan or any kind of idea of what you *should* be spending your time on in order to grow your business in the fastest way possible… 😣

You, checking your social media accounts for notifications, scrolling through Facebook groups you’re in, posting photos and memes on your page like it’s going out of fashion and wondering why you’re not making any money from it…

You, feeling guilty for wanting to work on your business sometimes more than you want to play with your own offspring… 😶

You, not knowing how many clients you need to bring in each week in order to make the money you want to make and not knowing HOW to get them either...

But also you - knowing you came to earth to do REALLY BIG THINGS and you will not quit (no matter how tempting it is to wonder what it must be like to be a stay at home mama)...

But no, you’re a MILLION DOLLAR MILF, baby. 💸

YOU were born for more than this, and you damn well know it.

It’s in your bones. 💀

You’re unstoppable.

You’re an entrepreneur.

It’s not even remotely possible for you to give up, quit, go backwards or “settle down”.

Just the thought of that makes you shudder. *ew*

Your business is your baby, and, as well as raising your human babies, you want to see your biz grow up big and strong and be happy and successful… Don’t you?

I know you do, which is why I have just given birth to this new program…


I’m going to take you to a nice comfy bed, pretty mama, rose petals everywhere, champagne chilling in a bucket, and I’m going to F*** with you and your business (in a good way) to get you on the right path to making MILLIONS. 🌹

Over 4 days we’re going to cover:

💦 Getting HOT & HEAVY with the way you spend your time, the way you think about spending your time, making sure the way you spend your time is BALANCED and makes you feel fulfilled and happy (not rushed and guilty afterwards)!!

🍆 We’ll go SLOW & STEADY with making sure you are crystal clear on an actual achievable plan for you to grow your business to the level you desire (that might be a million dollars, it might be less, everyone’s goals are unique, just like them, and are to be respected and appreciated)...

👀 We’ll STARE INTO EACH OTHERS EYES and talk about you, your passions, your clients, what you love about them, and how you can attract more of them with your super sultry marketing and smooth sales skills…

🍷 AND we’ll talk about things like outsourcing the dirty work (household chores) because pretty mama, your time is worth SO much more than that, and you know it.

So what do you say… am I turning you on?? *slow wink*

Are you ready to STOP wasting time, STOP feeling guilty, GROW your business and START making the money you have always wanted to make??? 🙌🏼

Sign up & commit to becoming a MILLIONAIRE MILF.

Are you ready to have your WORLD ROCKED and become one CONFIDENT MAMA who knows what she wants and knows how to get it???? 💁🏻

DO you want to make your life and business more... pleasurable...??? 😘

Click the link, sign up, pour yourself a glass of bubbles & slip into something more comfortable…

➡️ SIGN UP NOW - $197 USD

I’ll start slow to warm you up… but then… 😈