Below are a collection of mini courses & live trainings I have done for my clients that are now available for individual sale. Please note these individual trainings do not come with any personal coaching or support from me or my team. 

$20,000 (3)

In this 2 part program I take you behind the scenes of my business and show you exactly how I sold one of my online courses using a series of boosted posts over a 5 day period and made a total of $20k cash in less than a week.

I share the strategy, the mindset, and the actual posts that I used and break them down to help you understand WHY they were successful.

After completing this training you should come away from it thinking very differently about how you can promote your own products and services to your own followers and clients and be full of new ideas.

This training is $249 USD and is not to be taken lightly (even though it is super fun)! Serious business owners only who use a "launch" method to sell.



$20,000 (4)

One of the reasons so many business owners are always looking for "new clients" and thinking it's the answer to making more money (and why they ALWAYS seem to be doing that)... is because they are not thinking enough, or in some cases, at all, about their existing customers.

And so what that looks like, is like your business is a bathtub, and the customers are the water, and you don't have the fricken plug in!

So the customers come in... you wash yourself with them ??? and then they go away, down the plug hole...??? and you never see them again... 😳

Whereas actually, the quickest and best way to grow your business, is to put MORE of your energy, into your existing clients, so that they actually feel like you care, and so they want to continue doing business with you...




$20,000 (5)

Does your business need a good hard kick up the 🍑 ??

If you want to KICK GOALS this year, it's time to put on your boss hat, throw on a big gold chunky dollar sign necklace... and get jiggy with it...

*na na na na na na na* (doing the Will Smith dance)

No but seriously, you do need to stop and ask yourself "hmm 🤔 am I really operating at my full potential"?

What if you decided to go BIGGER and stopped playing small and gentle and cautiously and just SMASHED IT?!?!

Go hard or go home, right?

So many business owners are not growing as much or as quickly as they would like because they are just not marketing their businesses at the highest level...



$20,000 (7)

Whether you tell yourself you can, or tell yourself you can't you are right!!

It's true! Your success & happiness DOES start in your head! (So does your failure and frustration).

You've heard of the law of attraction. You've heard of Karma. You've heard of manifestation. Whatever you want to call it, it's the law of equal returns and whatever you put out you will get more of.

If you want to really know and understand how to use your mind to get you where you want to go, then the Mindset & Manifestation Masterclass is for you.

You CAN have everything you want, as long as you think you can and stay focussed on the right things.





My signature 12 month course and mastermind group which is designed to help you double your business (at least) and set it up to run without you in it. Exclusively for positive-minded, high achievers who know they are made for greatness and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Proven to work customisable Facebook ads and sales scripts designed to get you leads and clients, FAST.


A series of guided team meetings to help you to understand your team, and help your team to better serve your clients.

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