Hey, I'm Carissa! 👋🏼

I had built a successful business, and I still liked what I did, but I was getting bored, burnt out, and lacking the motivation required to keep it going and growing.

But I didn’t know what else I should or could do!

I mean, I had an idea that I might like to become like one of those people I followed online who made inspirational and helpful videos, and who had a following of people like me who really loved them…

But I didn’t really understand how that actually was even a business or how they made money.

I ignored the thought for a while and decided that the smart thing to do would be to turn my successful hair and beauty salon business into a franchise, and sell the business and brand I had built, to other people...

During the process of trying to make this happen, nothing went right.


Literally nothing. It was like the every move forward I made, I got knocked back over and over again.

I finally realised and decided that this was the Universe trying to force me in a different direction because I still couldn’t stop thinking about making videos and starting a personal brand.

Eventually I decided to start. But I was terrified of what people were going to think of me!

I was self conscious about my skin, my hair, and even my teeth!


And even though I had built a successful hair and beauty business, and was gaining new clients successfully with my Facebook posts and ads regularly, I still felt like a total fraud and like “why would people want to listen to me and why should they care about what I have done?”

The first few videos I made, I deleted.

They were about spirituality and law of attraction in business, but at that point in time I didn’t know anyone else to was into that stuff and I was too afraid that people I knew would think I was crazy if I published them.

I decided to start with something a little safer and made a few videos about customer experience, how I boosted posts & got clients on Facebook, some tips for business websites, and how to design a good looking cover photo!

As it turns out, there were people who were interested in knowing what I had done and how I had done it, and they wanted to know more!

In that moment, I realised that just because my life and what I had done felt “normal” and “not that special” to me…

I was still a few steps, or in some cases, MANY STEPS ahead of so many others who were just starting out, or who lacked knowledge and experience around things that I had already learnt or been through.

I decided that I was going to become the person online that I wanted to follow.

And that I was going to help people who were like me, and who wanted to do what I had done.

But just as I started putting myself out there with confidence, I experienced my worst fears.

Trolls, and people I was friends with who were not so supportive. In fact they were downright mean.

I almost quit. I was so hurt at the negative comments.
(But of course, that’s what they wanted, to hurt me, to stop me).

I decided this was just another obstacle I needed to find my way around so that once again I could be someone who helps others to overcome it too.

After all, all those other amazing people I subscribed to got comments like those too sometimes, but they didn’t let them stop them.

Once I had built a small audience who were engaging with my content, and asking me more and more questions, I decided to put together the best of my business tips, experience and knowledge and offer them a course.


I didn’t even know if anyone would buy it, but they did!

And they started making LOTS OF MONEY from just implementing my simple marketing strategies that I had been using for years and years.

I had discovered how people who had personal brands made money by accident, before I even knew what a “launch” actually was lol

For the last 6 years now I’ve continued making videos, and I’ve continued creating courses, and I’ve built a 7 figure business because of it…

All because I got bored of my last business and decided to try something new on the side.

(Yes, I kept the salon business while creating videos and growing my personal brand for fun as a ‘side hustle’ that excited me about life and business again).

To date, I think starting a personal brand has been the best thing I’ve ever done as an entrepreneur!

It’s allowed me to bring so many wonderful people into my life who actually relate to me, like me, and who I can help.

It’s given me opportunities to speak at events, write articles for magazines, write and publish my own books, and really really help people to grow their businesses and change their lives.

And now I’m ready to share with you all my secrets and help you start your own personal brand, during my new FREE “start your personal brand” mini course!

All you need to do to start your own personal brand TODAY is pop in your details here and I will email you access right away 🙂


Carissa has been an entrepreneur since she started buying lollipops before primary school from the local shop and selling them for double to the kids in class... and also, selling *burnt cd mix tapes* to her high school friends back when she was the only teenager to have a cd burner.

At the age of 21 her first "successful" business was born.

Within 4 years Carissa turned a home spray tanning business into a chain of 3 beauty salons, with 9 staff, had her own range of wholesale hair extensions and mobile services around Brisbane Australia. She didn't work in the business at all and kept the business growing with Facebook.

In 2014 Carissa transitioned from "business owner" to "personal brand" and has helped over 3699 entrepreneurs to master the art of successful Facebook & Instagram marketing & bring in clients and grow their brands like magic.

Carissa runs a successful Facebook group of over 16,000 members called "Coffee With Carissa" and has generated over $3M from it so far.

She loves pink and sparkles, being real, having fun, making money and loving life.

Carissa lives on top of Tamborine Mountain (and even owns her own rainforest) in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia with her husband Travis, her two son's Jayden and Ryley, and her black cat, Peppy.

Carissa is a bestselling author of the book "I Like Money - The Secrets To Actually Making Money With Facebook" and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC tv, and Funnel Hackers Radio.

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