“My Facebook page engagement is DEAD ☠️”

It used to be so good, so many people liked my posts, we had so many comments…

And NOW… nothing that I do is working. I don’t understand!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???”

This is legit a real conversation I was having with a client like, right now, 60 seconds ago…

I had a look at her page and what she was doing, and noticed that a lot of the posts, although they LOOK FREAKING INSANELY AMAZING, like, her branding is ON FIRE… 🔥🔥🔥

Are not getting the engagement or response she wants because the content is still mainly focussed on the products and services, not on her or on the audience…

And, it’s hard to get to know the person or the people or the personalty behind the brand because it is HIDING behind the brand… 🙈

And the main thing that I told her is that people want to connect with PEOPLE these days on social media, not businesses.

And then she asked “but how can I do that without being too personal and off topic??”

And my response was: BE PERSONAL AND OFF TOPIC!

People want to know the real you, your real thoughts, your real life, the life of your team, the life of your clients, your struggles, your past, your ideas, how your business is going…. REALLY… yes, they do…

The more “perfect” you try to appear… the less approachable you become, the less people can relate to or connect with you because NOBODY IS PERFECT.

This is something I have been thinking about a LOT lately…

Because so many people continue to struggle because they find it sooooo hard to “get it” – that the way to grow your business on social these days is NOT by directly trying to sell and promote your services….

“Whaaaaaaattttt – how the hell am I supposed to make any money or get clients then if I am not promoting what I do???”

Yah, I hear you.. I do.. it’s confusing AF.

But the truth is… people want to connect with YOU.

I hear it time and time again when my clients are trying to take a step back and not work in their businesses anymore “MY CLIENTS ONLY WANT ME”


Because people connect with people… NOT BUSINESSES.

So, I can read your mind already from here while you’re reading this and I’m pretty sure you’re thinking something like…

“So… what the F then do I start posting and doing differently? How can I get more clients & grow my business by sharing my personal life? What if I don’t want to share my personal life on my Facebook page!!??”

I hear you loud and clear AND, guess what? You don’t even have to share your personal life if you don’t want to.

But you do have to give your audience SOMETHING TO RELATE TO.

The truth is… branding and marketing these days IS CHANGING.

The overall psychology of why people buy is still the same…

BUT the things that people want to give their attention to online these days has shifted..

And if YOU want to be a brand or business that people give their attention to… then you need to CHANGE WITH THE TIMES OR YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND.