It’s not the market that is responsible for your business.

Straight up – if you want to build a successful business and you are committed to that, then you need to understand that it is never the ‘market’ or ‘customers’ who are the reason for your business struggling.

There are so many business owners online talking about how the people in their market don’t have any money to spend on our product or services right now, it’s just that time of year etc.

Stop putting the blame and responsibility on the customers and the market or the staff members that can’t sell.

If you really want to build a successful business then you, as the business owner, need to take full responsibility for EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME.

This stuff gets me really fired up because I used to be that person.

So let me show you what I did to turn that around so that you can turn your business around.

For the full replay, catch the video below: